Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Lab

"The life purpose of the true social entrepreneur is to change the world"

Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Lab (SEIL)

Now more than ever, black communities need individuals who are entrepreneurs in spirit and problem-solvers at heart. Social entrepreneurs are individuals with innovative solutions to society’s most pressing social, economic, cultural, and environmental challenges. 

Our Social Entrepreneur and Innovation Lab program is a 6-week course that gives participants the tools, education, and resources to become an entrepreneur so they can serve their own communities for improved quality of life for resident and built environments. Our goal is train the next generation of entrepreneurs who transforms communities and challenge systems through new innovative start-ups and existing social enterprises.

The objectives of the Social Entrepreneur and Innovation Lab program are:

  • To provide students with a working knowledge of the concepts, opportunities and challenges of social entrepreneurship.
  • To demonstrate the role of social entrepreneurship in creating innovative responses to critical community needs (e.g., affordable housing, transportation, unemployment, poverty, inner city education, etc).
  • To engage in a collaborative learning process to develop a better understanding of the context and domain of social entrepreneurship.
  • Apply the process of design, start, manage, and lead enterprises that benefit people and communities in a financially stable way.
  • Prepare and present a social enterprise plan

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