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Santura Pegram brings range of expertise in areas of economic and business development, activism, and public relations. He has written for various magazines, newspapers, and online publications including South Florida Times, Atlanta Daily World, and Savoy Magazine.

As the former co-founder and director of Public & Intergovernmental Relations for Seaport Transportation Services LLC - STS Logistics LLC (now known as Seaport Transportation Services LLC - Seaport 2 LLC), he was responsible for establishing and fostering business relationships that involve public and private endeavors, governmental entities, logistics and various agencies throughout the Southeast U.S. and abroad as it relates to international trade.  

Santura Pegram has also previously served as a publicist and communications advisor to several sports figures, including Olympic track & field medalist & world champion - Tori Bowie and NBA Hall of Famer - Dominique "The Human Highlight Film" Wilkins.  

During his early career, he served as an aide and protégé to the late Honorable M. Athalie Range of Miami who instilled in him one of the greatest lessons any leader can share, which is the art of cultivating meaningful relationships with influential business leaders and progressive-thinking elected officials who embrace blending public policy and business opportunities to positively impact and transform distressed urban communities.

Santura is a graduate of Ohio University who divides his time between Miami and Atlanta.