Our mission is to empower and equip black Americans with the knowledge, tools, and resources needed to create leaders and sustainable communities which lead to improvements in quality of life.

What is our goal in the long run?

No one is going to save the black community except black Americans. Therefore, it is important that black citizens have the knowledge, tools, and resources in place to make change. Our long-term goal is for our participants to understand their power, to train as many citizens to take responsibility for solving the problems in their own communities, and to renew the interest of black citizens in public life.

Our Model

In order for a community to be effective, there are several components that must be in place. These 10 Components of an Effective Community is the model we use that drives our work. Each of these components must work together to create social cohesiveness and civic capacity. Without social cohesiveness and civic capacity, communities lose their power and therefore potential to attract investment and mutual benefits from lawmakers and policymakers.

10 Components of an Effective Community

  1. Safe and Affordable Housing
  2. Strong Educational Ethics and Opportunities
  3. Commitment and Involvement of Local Government
  4. Economic Opportunities and Jobs
  5. Arts and Culture
  6. Volunteerism and Philanthropy
  7. Partnerships
  8. Gathering Spaces/Engaged and Informed Citizenry
  9. Effective Coordinated System of Services
  10. Access to Viable Transportation